Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Celebrate an offbeat Christmas this season in Gir

Christmas Eve

There are several ways in which you can enjoy an exciting Christmas Eve. Along with the regular stuff that you have been quite used to during Christmas, there are certain new things that you can try, in order to make your celebration truly memorable. We at United-21Vanvaso Gir Resort offer you a chance to have a lively Christmas season with your near and dear ones.

You can book any of our spacious rooms and suites that are well-furnished and provided with all the modern facilities. Catch the live telecast of some exciting Christmas programmes on the television with your dear ones in the cosy and stylish interiors of the room that you have booked for your stay. You can also watch films or television series on Jesus Christ. Donation made to a charitable organization can be the noblest thing to do during Christmas. You can also choose to send greetings or special post cards to your loved ones residing at distant places.

Nothing can compare to the pleasure of having a great dinner with your dear ones during the Christmas season. This is made possible in our multi-cuisine restaurant that serves some of the most delicious dishes during Christmas.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Asiatic Lions have found their ideal home in Gir

Asiatic Lions- Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
In the early 1900s, the population of Asiatic Lions in the princely state of Junagadh had reduced to only 15 due to hunting. This became a great concern for the ruler of Junagadh, who began conservation efforts for the protection of these endangered species. After the independence of India, Junagadh became a part of Gujarat state.

Population of these lions grew significantly with the establishment of Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary by the government in 1965. Besides lions, many of the animal species can be found in the wildlife reserve, such as, Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Striped Hyena, Golden Jackal, and Desert Cat. Every year, leisure tourists and wildlife enthusiasts book their accommodation in Gir National Park resorts to explore the abundant flora and fauna of this region. They also get the opportunity to tour some of the popular places of interest around Gir during their stay in these resorts.

Although the national park and sanctuary of Gir does not have a designated area for visitors, an Interpretation Zone has been made available for tourists within the wildlife reserve.
It has helped in reducing the harmful effects of tourism on Gir's wildlife and in promoting nature education among visitors.