Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Taste of Gujarat lies in its variety of cuisines

Gujarat located in western India and bordering the state of Maharashtra, has a totally diverse topography with a long coastal line as well as towering peaks like Saputara and the mountains of Gir. The widespread desert or the great Rann of Kutch is another topographical variant in a single state. The various regimes that have ruled this region in the past have left their mark in the form of art and architecture, which is a fine blend of Islamic and Hindu craftsmanship. The two communities have helped this region which gave us great national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabhbhai Patel reach the zenith of architectural excellence. 

Gujrati Cuisines
In this blog let us talk more about the taste of Gujarat lying in its exclusive cuisines. As mentioned earlier, this state in western India has a long coastline havinghidden treasures of seafood. But surprisingly the people of Gujarat referred to as Gujaratis prefer pure vegetarian food. This is due to the deep influence of Jainism in this region. Jain religion strongly condemns non vegetarian food as well as the slaughter of animals. So the normal Gujarati food called Bhojan consists mainly of Roti, Dal, Rice and vegetables. Gujaratis prefer milk products and sweets hence milk and its by-products thus obtained during pasteurization are available in huge quantities. The cuisines differ from place to place in the state but the basic food habits remain the same. The people of this region prefer side dishes rather than regular food. Some of the popular side dishes or snacks in the region are Dhokla, which is made from the combination of rice and chickpeas. It is consumed in mostly during breakfast. Other popular dishes of Gujarat are Kachori, Khandvi and khaman. Phaphda, Sev and Ganthiya are the popular snacks of Gujarat. 

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