Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Witness a fascinating sunset at Veraval Beach near Gir

The vast expanses of deciduous forests, well-complemented with large varieties of flora and fauna, bring many tourists from distant places to Gir National Park every year. It is the only natural abode of Asiatic Lions in the world. While enjoying their vacation in this part of the world, tourists can also visit some of the interesting places near the wildlife sanctuary.
Veraval Beach

Among them is Veraval Beach, which is a part of Veraval city's long coastline.
Located close to the Somnath Temple, this beach is a great place for witnessing the fascinating sunset at Arabian Sea for tourists. It would not be possible for many travellers to visit the beach in the afternoons during summers due to scorching heat, but they can enjoy their evenings at this place. An accommodation in Gir would make it very convenient for tourists to get to Veraval Beach. It is poised to become a famous tourist spot in the coming years, as major beautification and modernization projects have been initiated in this region.

Travellers visiting this beach can enjoy an amazing serenity, as only a small portion of it has been commercialized. Besides the Somnath Temple located nearby, they can visit Prabhas Patan, which is a popular place of pilgrimage.

Interesting tourist attractions near Gir National Park

Every year, many tourists head towards Gir forest located in the Indian state, Gujarat, to visit Gir National Park and witness its rare species of Asiatic lions. This wildlife reserve was established in the year 1965. Its total area comprises of a fully protected area and a sanctuary with diverse varieties of flora and fauna. Besides this exciting national park, there are some interesting places around it that tourists never forget to visit during their vacation spent in the region.

Somnath Temple
 Among them is the Somnath Temple, located in Saurashtra region. This is a famous Hindu place of worship and is believed to have been the richest in India during ancient times. Durbar Hall Museum also makes for an interesting visit, as it has some weapons, chandeliers, palanquins, and other items from the era of Nawabs.

Uperkot Fort
Uperkot Fort, which is believed to have been built by one of the greatest emperors of India, Chandragupta Maurya, is also worth exploring. Having an accommodation in any of the Gir National Park resorts would give travellers greater convenience in touring these places. Some of these resorts arrange sightseeing tours for their guests on demand, which helps them in getting to their desired locations without any hassles.

Friday, 5 September 2014

United-21 Vanvaso Gir Resort - 'Paradise in Wilderness'

Deers in Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary

What can be more interesting than your room window opening to view dotted deers posing at the Hiran river? This is possible with a comfortable stay at our United-21 Vanvaso Gir Resort, Sasan Gir that is nestled at the banks of Hiran River amidst the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary which preserves the Asiatic lions. Get an instinctive treat here watching the animal drama in lush green landscapes as the resort is the perfect place to explore the natural ecosystem.

Our well-managed cottage-resort arranges all whether you are planning for a wildlife safari or cultural event. The professional staff here looks after all visitors in the best hospitable manner possible and even pack breakfast for morning safari. Situated very near to Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary, this resort supports the preservation and conservation of endangered lions here that were on a brink of extinction years ago when this was a mere hunting ground for the princely. Tourists from all sides come here to have a moment with the rich and diverse wildlife in this 'Lion Kingdom'.
Lion and Cub in Gir national park

The resort also helps and guides in taking the wildlife safari via open-roof jeep to watch the thrilling wildcats in action and you can also capture beautiful moments as cameras are allowed in the park with a minimal cost. Best time to spot the Lions are at the dusk and dawn. Jeeps and guides are made available by the Forest Department. If you are planning a private venture, a guide along is mandatory.
United-21 Vanvaso Gir Resort

United-21 Vanvaso Gir Resort is a well-connected accommodation in Gir, offering a relaxed stay with ample amenities that will be just like home away home. The basic amenities offered to the guests include room service, front desk, travel desk, concierge, parking, security and doctor-on-call.

Complete with modern facilities, the d├ęcor of cottages is attractive. Guests can chose to stay in AC cottage suite, AC garden facing cottage and AC deluxe cottage as per their needs and accommodation requirement.