Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Eco Tourists Would Love to be In Gir

Tourist at Sasan Gir National Park
Tourist industry has bloomed up like anything during past few years and the world is experiencing rapid growth of this sector. It is also observed that this industry has expanded its horizons including many new concepts like Eco-tourism. It covers travelling to some of the pristine and undisturbed natural region located at different places worldwide. Unlike leisure tourism it keeps a purpose to educate the visitors regarding the odds and evens of the devastation of forests, natural treasures and alternately its effect on mankind.

Eco tourism along with the pleasures of traveling some untouched beautiful areas on the earth keep on spreading awareness among the visitors, about what will happen if these green spots on the earth along with the incredible flora and fauna imbibed in it keeps on diminishing. Many countries have already taken a lead role in educating people about this vulnerability circling life on earth. We have already started getting feel of the problems approaching in the form of global warming which might create havoc for the generations to come. We will have to be more serious about maintaining balance between nature and human progress. When we cut one tree we must plant another two, so that it will avoid the dangers of deforestation and the indirect consequences of it. If you are convinced about the importance of Eco tourism and plan to visit such places then Gir in Gujarat is the best place to visit. Experience the uniqueness of jungles of Gir with its most popular breed the Asiatic Lion along with flourishing animal and bird life. Gir National Park comprises a beautiful region of dense deciduous forest mixed with grasslands, scrub land and evergreen jungle. This sanctuary is blessed with many rivers and rivulets which put life into the region. Additionally sources of water like Kamleshwar Dam keep this area green and fertile.

If you are an Eco tourist then you would love to be in Gir which can be easily accessed from many places like Junagadh, Rajkot and Somnath. Enjoy traveling in this region by taking one of the Gir weekend tour, Lion tour, Bird watching tour or the most lucrative Gir jungle safari.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Gir an Enchanting Abode of Asiatic Lions

Asiatic lion once amply found in Indian as well as Asian jungles is becoming considerably rare. This predator which was described in the story books as king of the forest has reached a near extinction. Earlier due to their abundance in Indian jungles they were popularly called Indian lion. After the population of these royal animals with a beautiful mane reached a record low number serious efforts were made to preserve this endangered species. A save lion project implemented in the thick forests of Gir in Gujarat helped in increasing the dwindling number of these big cats. Some of the highlights of the park are

  • Combined efforts of Gujarat Government, organizations dedicated to conservation of wild life and NGOs gave birth to the Sasan Gir National Park which was declared as a protected area and a national park in 1965. Exclusive flora and fauna of Gir, a wide spread area of around one thousand one hundred fifty made this region perfect as abode of the Asiatic Lions.
  • This forest with more than four hundred plant species and abundance of teak is classified as dry deciduous type. Gir is an important platform of educational as well as scientific research which entertains its visitors with its plethora of attractions.
  • Apart from Asiatic Lion, Gir national park preserves a number of wild animals and an exclusive three hundred species of birds. The bird population observed here consists mainly of scavengers and many resident varieties. Carnivores mainly comprise of Leopards, jungle cats, jackals, palm civets and desert cats.
  • Some of the identical programs run by the Park management include Lion breeding centers with facility for artificial insemination. This program concentrates more on creating and maintaining new breeding centers. Counting of the lions is done once in five years. The park also gets credit of supplying the lions to various zoos in the country.

    Visit Gir for watching closely the king of the jungles in his natural habitat at interpretation zone created at Devalia, which is located inside the sanctuary. Avail the pleasure of joining Gujarat wild life safaris, which will give you an opportunity to indulge in the calm of Gir jungles for a couple of days. 

    If you are on a tour of this region then you can stay comfortable at the Vanavaso resort in Sasan Gir. This Gir jungle resort offers luxurious rooms for the tourists with a restaurant providing some of the best menus in the region.

    United-21 Vanvaso Gir- wildlife resort offering luxury, efficient service and amenities that further your Lion safari experience.

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